Matt Western M.P.

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Local M.P. Matt Western has again answered our call for help in supporting our campaign to get the Ministry of Defence to move forward the next batch of Type 26 motors and to hold General Electric to the undertaking it gave to the British state when it acquired Converteam.

Matt knows the importance of having a highly skilled workforce and is fighting to ensure that we maintain a strategic national defence asset here in the U.K.

Midlander’s in particular are wary of promises that American conglomerates make when acquiring a business but then fail to keep to these undertakings when they grab what they want.

We all remember what happened with the sale of Cadbury’s. It was bad enough with chocolate bars, but with the future of a national strategic manufacturing facility under threat of closure and being moved to France G.E. needs to be fully aware that ;

“They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”



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