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Following extensive legal advice Unite have started the legal process to take GE Power Conversion before the Central Arbitration Committee again. We are advised we have just cause on a number of grounds and are busy putting all the documents together for formal submission to the CAC.

 We will not go into detail here on this public forum as we know its checked regularly by senior GE Management, thank-you IP Tracker software.If you want any more information on this latest development then speak personally to your Unite Rep. On legal advice we will not be giving this information out via e mail, only on a face to face basis.



  1. Mark Anderson  January 22, 2019

    This seems to be the only language that General Electric undertands, but at what cost ?

  2. Jim Frew  January 23, 2019

    You know you are in the right.
    Keep up the fight to save the sites future and jobs.
    You have my support and if I can assist in anyway get in touch.
    Stronger together.

  3. Robert Clark  January 24, 2019

    You have my sympathies when potential buyers are there but GE will rather close the site with the loss of jobs rather than sell as a viable business.

    With you all the way.

  4. John McGhee  January 24, 2019

    Fully support the action of the workers to retain the highly skilled jobs locally.

    No Pasaran!

  5. Jane Spencer  January 25, 2019

    Keep going Steve


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