“ I’m backing the campaign to Build It In Britain.”

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Our campaign to raise awareness of the threat to the Rugby factory is gaining traction in Parliament with a number of Members of Parliament becoming involved.

Stephen Morgan the M.P. for Portsmouth South has a particular interest in matters relating to the Royal Navy since his constituency is the home of the Royal Navy.

He has been in touch with us and raised two questions in the House of Commons with the Secretary of State for Defence and will be relaying the replies he receives in due course.

The questions asked are;

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what steps his department is taking to ensure that General Electric does not break the signed contract with the MOD and relocate to France?

To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what assessment he made of the potential relocation of the General Electric site in Rugby to France on the Royal Navy, particularly on the manufacture of the Type 26 Frigate?

Stephen has a long record of campaigning to keep jobs, particularly defence related jobs in the U.K. and we welcome his support for helping to ensure that the heart of the ships, the motors that we produce, continue to be built in the heart of England.

Stephen, as you would expect from the M.P. responsible for the home of the Royal Navy  has been active in all aspects of our national maritime security he has said

As a maritime nation, carrier strike and particularly the new aircraft carriers are not only essential for the UK’s future security but also our great city’s prosperity.

I congratulate all those in Portsmouth, Rosyth and across our country for their part in developing this strategic asset for our nation.

Through skill and expertise, the Queen Elizabeth class carriers represent the very best of the UK’s industrial and engineering ability.It was hugely helpful to head up to Rosyth today to see progress being made ahead of first entry into Portsmouth Harbour late next year”.


Shipbuilding and ship repair employment in Great Britain has fallen from an estimated 122,200 in 1981 to under 32,000 in 2016 – threatening the UK’s sovereign defence manufacturing capability.

With the backing of campaigning M.P.s like Stephen onboard we remain hopeful for the future.


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