The G.E. Rotating Machine site in Leicester Road, Rugby is a world class manufacturing establishment that has designed and supplied power generation for over 90% of the current Royal Navy fleet. Despite having a tremendous future on the horizon with orders from the UK, as well as huge potential export orders from the Australian, Canadian, and U.S. navies, GE want to brutally force closure of the site and transfer the work to Nancy in France.

This will mean British workers are thrown on the dole whilst British taxpayers are paying French workers to make equipment for the Royal Navy!
The site is unique in the UK in its manufacturing capability and closure will make the UK dependant on foreign manufacturer’s for the supply of the Royal Navy. On buying the business 6 years ago G.E signed an agreement with the Government that they would always maintain a manufacturing facility in the U.K. – they are trying to break this agreement.
Workers and their union at the site are now in deep consultation with the company, but despite the extremely positive future, GE seem determined to close the site – we are equally determined not to let that happen!

Get Involved
Help Save GE Rugby!

Workers from across GE sites have been meeting and planning the next steps in the campaign to save the site and we need your full support – remember with the scale of restructuring going on within G.E. no site in any Division is safe and it could be your site next. Here’s what you can do:

• Raise the issue at your next union meeting
• Make sure workers at your sites know what is going on
• Ask your management what they know and what they think should happen and ask them to communicate that up the chain
• Write letters to the GE CEO demanding GE halt this stupidity
• Write to your local M.P. to make them aware of this threatened closure, Power Conversion have a U.K. wide procurement base and it could impact on local companies in your constituency.

Write to the Defence Secretary with your concerns for this reduction in the future defence capability of the nation with us unable to produce or maintain vital equipment needed for the nation’s defence.