This is the campaign flag that we have chosen to use in our campaign to save the GE Rugby Rotating Machine Factory. It represents the close links between the factory and the Royal Navy. The motor’s produced by Rugby power 92% of the current Royal Navy fleet and we are proud to provide the propulsion systems for H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth and H.M.S. Prince of Wales Aircraft carriers. These are the largest ships ever built for the Royal Navy and are the newest Carriers in the world.
We also produce the secret silent running motor for the world beating Type 26 Class frigates which are to be named after British cities. This is to reinforce the close links between the Royal Navy and the British people.  So far H.M.S. Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast and Birmingham have been named. Ur flag is the Royal Navy white ensign with the ships crests of each of these ships. We believe that the heart of the ship is its motors and these should be built in the manufacturing heart of the nation, the Midlands and not France.